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Creating websites

Website development. Main secrets, tips, and problems of a successful website creation.

Let’s start from the very beginning and clarify why creating websites is necessary nowadays?

Today the Internet has become an integral part of our lives. In this network, we communicate, learn, work, rest, have fun, sell, and buy ... It has become an indispensable and universal assistant for all occasions. Including the creation, development, and promotion of business.

Building a website today is an indispensable condition for conducting successful business activities. Bill Gates said: "Today you do not have a website - tomorrow you do not have a business". These words perfectly characterize the modern trends in the business sphere and reveal the essence of the matter.

To convince a person that web site development is not a desire but a necessity, can be quite a challenge. But in this issue, the most important is not even the decision itself to create website, but an understanding the main reason why you are creating it. Clear definition of the goals to be achieved with the help of the site and its target audience will help to create an effective tool that promotes the growth of the company, the expansion of the range of potential consumers and turning them into your real clients. And this means increasing profits and opening new opportunities for the development of your business.

Creating website solve such important tasks as:

  • forms the image of an enterprise, firm, company, brand, private person;
  • helps to create and manage the company's reputation;
  • advertises the company's services / products;
  • enhances consumer confidence;
  • covers a significantly larger number of potential customers;
  • allows you to work and interact specifically with the target audience, greatly increasing the chances of turning them into real clients;
  • stimulates sales and increases demand from consumers;
  • allows you to constantly monitor changes in consumer demand, analyze users’ behavior in order to respond in a timely manner and make appropriate decisions;
  • opens daily 24-hour access to information, services, goods, destroying temporary and geographical barriers;
  • helps to keep pace with the times, change and improve approaches to conducting business in accordance with market trends.

All this can be achieved if you create webpage that exactly matches the goals and objectives. A professional web-based tool will prove its effectiveness within the next few months after launch.

What do you need to know before making a site? If you are thinking about making a website, but do not quite understand what benefit it will bring to you will find an answer to this question. Let’s sum up the main tasks considered above and understand what does the creating a web page give us?

Web site development

First of all, this is a step towards declaring yourself. It does not matter if it's a corporate website, an online store or your personal Internet blog - it will "tell" about your activities to the public and make it more recognizable. Secondly, building your web site is the creation of a powerful marketing tool that allows solving many tasks: to sell, inform, advertise, create the image of the company and increase customer loyalty. Thanks to the competent development and promotion of the web resource, you can not only declare yourself but also get a huge benefit from your activities in the form of money, human or some other resources. In the end, the site is simply a necessity in our modern dynamic world, which increasingly goes to the Internet environment, so the maximum attention should be given to its development.

What is the site developing on a turn-key basis? Developing a website on a turn-key basis is a popular topic today, which implies a series of steps from the direct development of the site to its further support. In total, the following points can be singled out, which are included in this concept:

  • drawing up of the technical project in which all wishes of the client are considered, terms and the resources necessary for work are registered;
  • development of design, layout, and programming, filling the site with content;
  • primary optimization of the site and its support.

Simply put, to create a site on a turn-key basis is to develop it from "A" to "Z" and provide the customer with a resource that is completely ready for work.

So, if you have read up to this point and realized that you still need to start a website or start a blog, it is now important to understand what type of site and for what purposes is the most suitable and profitable.

  1. A corporate website is a good option for companies of different profiles. It allows not only to create an image of the organization and adequately represent you to the public, but also to create a corporate culture within the company itself. With such a web resource, you can inform consumers and employees about company news, promotions and special offers, thereby increasing their loyalty.
  2. Online store. This is certainly the choice of those who want to sell online. It can be, as a continuation of real business, or to be an independent project - in any case, the purpose of such a site is the sale of goods through the Internet and making a profit.
  3. The business card site is designed to enable consumers to get to know you. Such sites, as a rule, do not sell goods, but tend to provide complete information about the activities of the company or its individual units.
  4. The creation of a landing page will be useful to those who want to quickly and effectively attract the attention of users to a particular product or organization. As a rule, the transitions to such pages are carried out through contextual advertising or social networks. The creation of landings requires much less time and money, while their efficiency is sometimes even higher than that of a full-fledged online store.

Make a webpage

How much money does it take to make a webpage (profitable, of course)? Of course, the exact amount that will be required to create a business website is determined individually. It depends on many factors:

  • on the theme of the site and the level of complexity. Logically, the more complex the site architecture is, the higher is its cost.
  • on the type of the used system of site management, layout and design. For example, block layout will cost more than a table layout.
  • on the developer: his level of professionalism, skills and work experience.
  • on the scale of work on the site (only webpage development or also its promotion), etc.

Ok, web developing of the site is finished. What's next? After the completion of works on the site’s development and adaptation, a logical continuation follows its competent internal and external optimization for search engines. Each professional web development company knows that a good selling site is not just a qualitatively designed and developed resource, it is also a whole complex of activities designed to make it as fully adapted not only to the search engine but also to your target audience because i is the cornerstone of your business development.

Secrets of creating a successful site. If you think that the modern design, professional layout and qualitative programming are the main components of a successful website – you are completely mistaken. Of course, without these constituents any website will not work normally, there is one more parameter which is the most important on the way to success. What is it? Usability. This fact will not be a surprise for you if you have already imbued with the idea to create your website. Each professional from the website development company will tell you that site should be user-friendly, and it is extremely important. It may seem obvious but in practice to achieve it can be quite a challenge. To do this, you need to think like a user, to understand the psychological aspect of his behavior. There are some useful rules which can help you to bring your site much closer to the ideal. Let’s consider these tips that will help you not only to make website but to place your new website on the desired high level.

Secret #1: Use marketing principles.

Marketing principles work almost everywhere. Especially in business. Especially when creating your own website or use web development services. Graphics, content, all these steps we will consider later. Here we need to understand how to “catch” the visitor’s attention and make him buy your products or services. To implement such plan into reality many marketers use AIDA principle. No, this is not the name of the Underworld Goddess, this is just the abbreviation of four words that will make the visitor of your site do exactly what you want him to do. AIDA means Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. When you manage to lead the visitor through all of these stages, you can be sure that he will be convinced enough to buy your product. First of all, try to attract customer’s attention and to awake his interest to your products. You can do this by demonstrating the major benefits of your goods. After this you should convince him that your product is the best among others available in the market nowadays, thereby awaking his desire to buy it. And finally- induce him to make a purchase.

When you will be thinking through how to implement this marketing model into your website correctly, don’t forget to give an opportunity for the visitor to perform an ACTION – all contacts, order forms or phones should be easily visible.

Secret #2: Give the freedom to users.

No one user likes limits. He visits your website and wants to get everything that he wants and read everything that he need there. Second secret lies in the freedom which you should give to the visitors when build a website. What does it mean? Let the users control the situation. Everything on your site should be placed in the visitor’s field of vision. In such case user will understand that he rules the situation and can order that he need. Also, note that links which open automatically in a new window or window which size can’t be normally adjusted, as a rule irritate users. If you want to build a web page which will become really profitable, show visitors all their capabilities and give them freedom on your resource.

Secret #3: Keep an eye on the content design.

What is the most important part in each website? Every professional will say that the content is the one and only goal of the visitor. Because of such fact, very important moment when you will decide to build your website is to provide users with the content they need, and especially with the content which they WILL READ. Yes, according to statistics, no one of the visitors reads all the information presented on a website. Each of users just “scan” it with his eyes and stops only if something interesting catches his attention. To control this process and make users be lingered on the necessary information, special “hooks” such as subplots or lists are used. Try to place some of such hooks while website making, on the important information that you want to present customer.

Secret #4: Think through the graphics.

How often did you leave site just because you “didn’t feel comfortable” there? I bet, this happened several times! The secret of such behavior is in our perception which is mostly facilitated by the graphics, or rather graphical balance. If the perception is easy, user feel stability and comfort when looking through the information presented on your website. To achieve such balance, it is recommended not to overload web resource with images. Of course, they catch the user’s attention as good as other “hooks” but their number may irritate in some cases. Also, professional graphic designers recommend to use fresh and bright shades instead of usual white or black colors to motivate users to action (remember AIDA mentioned above?). Don’t use too many different colors and images. Simplicity and graphical balance are the stairs to success.

Secret #5: Two whales- simplicity and clarity.

Probably, clarity and simplicity are the most important moments that should be thought through well when making website. They can be called two large whales on which everything else should be based. So, what does it mean? Remember once and for all that users don’t like to think. Don’t make them do it! It always works. Visitors are not so patient to search the necessary information about products on your website if they didn’t find it initially. In case when it’s difficult to find something, what does the normal user do? Yes, he leaves the site and goes to your competitors. Do you want such scenario? Of course not! Make a simple website where all the necessary information can be easily read from the first view. Do not overload the site with the design elements, because it will not help if user doesn’t find desired info. Also, remember, that when design a website, free space is an excellent assistant in the perception of information. Try to follow two main principles- clarity and simplicity. No additional unnecessary elements that clutter the website, no extra unimportant information. Only facts and characteristics of your products.

Build websites

Why can we help you? In an era when most people all over the world are looking for products and services via the Internet, you have to make your company a leader among other competitors and receive a stable daily flow of new customers. For this purpose, our team of professional web developers works. Our agency offers to build websites, providing clients with a full range of services: site development, promotion, advertising, redesign, marketing, copywriting, support, and other works helping to create a turn-key site from a scratch, launch it and promote it into the top search result for the development of the company and the customer's profit. The main goal of our company is to build a concept on the advantages of the company, to respond to market changes, niches and trends, to change and correct the strategy in a timely manner, so that the site confidently keeps its positions in the top ten search results, was convenient for use and responded to modern trends site building. Each site to order, developed by our company, is a collection of modern automated technologies and systems with a high download speed, simple management, and administration. We approach creation and coding sites in a complex way. The work is attended by marketers, professional designers, programmers, layout designers, copywriters. As a result, our customers get a website which is a powerful tool that allows their business to grow and develop.

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