FOR 12000UAH.


This service is great for those who want to run online-shop quickly and without significant investments. For those who want at the same time get modern and high-quality design which is friendly to mobile devices complete with a full set of necessary functions for any shop.

Service specifics


The most daring price offer on the market for such a wide functional range.


Due to standardization we can expand and set up shop for a few days (5-7 days for the whole order performance)


Your shop will look and run as on the computers as on the smartphones and tablets thanks to the carefully selected ready-made templates


More than 60 templates of website appearance

View and choose your own design…

What you get

Ready to work online-shop on your hosting with all your goods and chosen style.

Online-shop includes:

Ready high-quality design

Choice from more than 60 qualitative templates with adaptation to your corporate colors (or we can offer ours)

A user-friendly control panel

Powerful and at the same time understandable control panel throughout the website. Support work even from your smartphone or tablet

Promotional updates

at the top of the product: hit, action, novelty. It helps to attract customer to the right product without any afford

Adaptive design

Any chosen design will look and work great on tablets and smartphones


You can publish products reviews, new products study, and other. It increases customers’ loyalty

Powerful filter

Facilitates product selection for visitors

Cost of the online-shop

with all these and a lot of others

features is only from 10 000 UAH.



1. You choose the template of website appearance, leave n application form and pay 50% of advance payment.

2. We crate the workpiece of the future website and adapt it design for your colors.

3. We create your desired directory structure and menu and fill it with the goods (up to 10).

4. You accept the work and pay the rest 50%. We transfer website to your hosting (we will help you to choose it) and send you the access to it together with the training materials.

5. Online-shop is ready to receive customers. Also we order you to offer a SEO-promotion in our company.


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Online store development

Creating an online store. Development and creation - how to do everything right from the very beginning?

Do you plan to organize trade online? Then we suggest you to save a lot of time, money, and nerves. How? - First of all, avoid fatal mistakes during online store development! Such mistakes can spoil the entire business, or lead to serious additional costs, which often exceed all previous investments. So, we have collected five most popular mistakes which people do during online shopping store development. Let’s go!

5 fatal mistakes when creating an online store. Of course, there are many more mistakes than just five but we list the five ones which are the most basic. We will not describe the consequences, because they are generally clear - these are undesirable additional costs for modification, redesign, up to the need to completely re-create the site from a scratch. So, remember- this is the minimum that will allow you to quickly start making real profit from the store instead of just dreaming of calls and spending money and time for redesign. We hope that this knowledge will help you avoid common internal and external traps.

  • Mistake #1. Insufficient organization of the workflow: supplies, sales, delivery.

Of course, this mistake does not apply directly to the online shop development, we put it in the first place since it is the most common and destructive for business. It is important to understand that if business processes are not set up, then no one, even the finest site will earn you the desired money amount.

  • Mistake #2. Wrong choice of a web developing studio.

In fact, this error entails all the subsequent ones. Since today most web studios work “on the conveyor”, while trying to save money you risk remaining without enough attention to your needs and plans for expansion.

  • Mistake #3. Unsuccessful design - unscrupulous or cheap work done by a non-professional designer quickly leads to inconvenience in the use of the site, difficulties in choosing the goods, and irritation of the buyer, which almost in 100% of cases ends with leaving the site. Suspiciously cheap online shop development cost may lead exactly to such scenario.
  • Mistake #4. Instability of the program caused by programmer errors. Insufficient testing of the website program leads to unpleasant surprises in the form of errors on some pages and, as a result, missed buyers.
  • Mistake #5. Incorrect selection of a store management system.

With the current abundance of engines for online stores, it is often difficult to determine the choice, especially if you do not have time for comparative analysis trying to finish the online shopping site development as soon as it’s possible. In this matter, we advise you to rely on professionals, and the higher their level is, the wider is their experience with different engines, the better. Our company does not stop monitoring the modern market, surpassing our competitors as new products appear constantly.

Online shopping store development

In addition to these mistakes, many others are often allowed: the marketing component is not considered, the goods are not properly presented, the online order process is poorly implemented, incorrect texts and images are placed, etc. How to take into account everything from the very beginning? The answer is simple: Entrust the work to professionals. Steve Jobs said "It makes no sense to hire smart people, and then tell them what to do. We should hire smart people to tell us what we should do". We know almost everything about online shopping website development and are ready to share our knowledge with you. Sign up for a free meeting with our consultant on any day convenient for you or just contact us and learn about the modern functionality of online stores and how to use it. We will offer and advise you suitable software modules, style solutions, marketing tips, draft technical requirements and calculate the budget of your project. Besides the attractive online store development cost, we offer you really high-end services and work done on the high professional level. If you want your website to work for you and bring the desired money amount, we are the best way to implement it into reality.
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