Website promotion with the Progressive-is a guarantee of your website traffic.

Thanks to the internal and external SEO optimization we guarantee customers for you.


  • Display of your site in top 10 of Google search results in 4-6 months
  • Cost of SEO optimization is from 7000 UAH
  • Most of the words get immediately to TOP5-TOP3
  • Monitoring of site position in our administration system (for each client a separate account is created
  • Detailed reports on the reference weight increasing for month (or upon request)
  • Accommodation of only eternal external links for direct agreements with webmasters. We in principle don’t work with the exchanges of links
  • Financial guarantees under the contract – refund in the case of default

Website promotion in search engines

SEO optimization from Progressive is:

  • Selection of the most frequent requests in your direction
  • Evaluation of the cost of each request
  • Work under the contract with the financial guarantees
  • All kinds of payment: cash, cashless (with or without VAT)
  • Unique texts writing on the promoted page
  • SEO audit and TOR creation for internal website optimization
  • TOR implementation on your website by our programmers
  • Purchasing of high-quality reference weight from different sites around the world


Promotion from the market leader which occupies TOP1 at the most competitive requests such as “Website promotion”
We guaranteed to take the high-frequency requests
Clients who are working with us more than a year confidently take TOP3 on promoted requests
We are the only company in the market which guarantees the result financially
The experience of website promotion around the world: USA, Canada, Europe and even Japan


What experience do you have?

Since the 2008 we declared ourselves as the separate company which specializes in SEO promotion and website development. Last 3 years we confidently occupy TOP3 in the Google search for the most competitive requests. We promote our customers in the same way as our website. Companies which work with us more than 1 year have the same results.

What is the difference between the contextual advertising and SEO – promotion?

Contextual advertising gives quick results but its cost is much more expensive then SEO. With contextual advertising more than 90% of the money goes to the Google Foundation and after its stopping sales would go down. When you use SEO promotion you invest money in your website, not in the search engine. SEO promotion provides gradual results but they hold even after the cessation of work.

How effective is advertising on Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook is in principle very similar to the contextual advertising in search engines, except that it operates within the social network. Besides this you can carefully select the necessary audience for us into different groups and show them not only text ads but also colorful banners. Thanks to precise settings it is possible to reduce the cost of one transition up to 2-3 times cheaper than in contextual advertising. It helps reduce the cost of one conversion on your website by several times.

How quickly will I receive the first TOPs?

SEO – promotion is a graduate process, the first changes in the positions will be in a month. TOPs achieving depends on competition for your subject and can vary from 3 months to 1 year. Acceleration of this process is dangerous because you can obtain sanctions from the search engines.

What guarantees do I get when signing the contract?

We provide you full financial guarantees. There is a cost of one promoted word and there are promotion terms which are specified in the contract. If by the deadline we have not deduced the key phrase in the top we do a refund for the entire pay period.

Will you be able to provide support services to the website?

Of course we will be able. We are professionals in not only promotion but also in websites creation. Our programmers will solve any task on your website.


Web promotion company

Successful business with SEO

Life online. Nowadays because of quickly developing technologies our life has changed greatly. Today Internet has become an integral part of everybody’s life. We communicate in the Internet, buy a lot of various goods, book tickets and do many other things there. Worldwide web has become a source of significant income for businessmen who own websites. Making business online nowadays is a win-win variant to develop a real company and to attract more customers to order certain good or services. It is really much simpler to make order online after choosing the good that you need and reading reviews about its quality from other customers. Due to the buoyant demand on website shopping and offering different services online, the great number of various websites has appeared. It is obviously that it led to a tough competition between website owners for the TOP places in the search engine results. According to statistics more than 95% users do not enter websites that are placed lower than fifth position. It means that if your website is not included in TOP 5 positions you can forget about crowd of visitors and hence about significant income and prosperous online business. You can offer the best goods and the highest quality services on your website but nobody will know it because they use offers of your competitors that are placed in TOP of the list of search results. That is the main reason why search engine optimization and websites promotion are so popular nowadays among website owners. Almost every prosperous businessman do not want to lose achieved success and is ready to invest a lot of money and efforts to hold his business at a consistently high level.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO and how does it work?

So, what is search engine optimization? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complex of actions that are aimed at improving the visibility of the website in the topics to which it really corresponds in the eyes of the user, in terms of search engine algorithms. The ultimate goal of seo optimization is to attract the target audience and to convert it to the clients of the business presented on the website. Search engine promotion is one of the most cost-effective tools of Internet marketing. Thus, search optimization is an activity to raise the site's position in the results of the search engines' after the users’ requests. There are different kinds of SEO such as on page seo, google seo, white hat seo and others, but the aim of each of these kinds is the same. The higher the position of the resource in the search results, the more visitors it will have. It is rather difficult to make search optimization for a website on your own. A man who is not versed in all the niceties of website optimization may waste his time and money and don’t get any visible result. Moreover incorrect or poor quality seo optimization can even worsen the position of your company. That is why there are special search engine optimization companies that can make high quality website optimization the result of which will be noticed in the shortest period of time. Each seo specialist in seo company can pick up a seo strategy that will suit specifically to your website. Selection of the website seo strategy is always based on the number of website visitors, current position of the website and many other factors. Well known seo companies with good reviews from users can place your business on a new level with creation of google search engine optimization and other actions that are aimed on website promotion.

Nowadays seo has transformed greatly and become a powerful tool for achieving corporate goals and business objectives. Today the main task of seo specialist is achieving the real authority and popularity of the recourse instead of artificial imitation of reference mass growth, that can be realized by automatic services without the human mind and hands. The main complexity of seo marketing is that it should be made maximally natural and understandable for search engines.

Seo service

Seo service

What is the secret of successful seo google, on page seo or white hat seo optimization? Work, work and work. Permanently monitor where references can be placed, daily try to make placed reference maximally natural for visitors and search engines. It should look as it was placed for free, due to popularity of your recourse and as if you advised a website for users. The greatest effect from the SEO optimization occurs only in a case when specialists from seo companies can harmoniously unite all tools of seo marketing with each other, aim of which is not stupid and nonsensical reference mass growth, but achieving real authority of your project in the Internet.

The main SEO tasks

The main task of website seo is to place your recourse among TOP places of search results by appropriate keywords. In a result of an effective seo service website will occupy leading positions in the list of search results. The higher website is, the more likely it is found by potential customers or users that will order service or purchase good in which they are interested.

Everything depends on how quality is your website and what useful and interesting you can offer to a customer. It is also very important what is your attitude to a customer, how much you are ready to respect and appreciate it. The role of positions and the level of trust from search engines directly depend on how comfortable and convenient visitor will feel on your site. All the subtlety and cunning of this technology is to make a website be liked by visitor, that will recommend your website to his friends, for example in social networks, or by sending an email with the reference on your website to companion or colleague. In a result of such “viral” marketing the level of trust rises not only from the consumer side, but also from search engines. To feel a fine line and to understand the hidden meaning of SEO is the main task for modern specialists who want to become the best seo optimizers. High quality SEO specialists always aim to keep afloat their projects, rather than achieve short-term objectives.

Promote website

Promote website

The main task of search engine optimization is not only getting the first or TOP position. It is only half the work that can be carried out with the minimum costs and time. The most important task of SEO google or other types of SEO is to hold obtained positions for as long as possible and do not overdo it with links.

SEO tools

Under the SEO tools all well-known methods of Internet marketing, that can impact favorably on recognizability of the project are meant. Even advertising on the radio or TV, if it is made in a correct way, can have a beneficial effect on SEO promotion. Users will start to leave reviews in professional or thematic communities, will evaluate your company, speak about it, write about it, compare with other companies and so on. The more mention will be made about your firm on the Internet, the greater level of trust will be achieved from search engines. There are several tools that are used by search engine optimization companies to create google search engine optimization. They also help these companies to develop each of their own seo strategy. Such tools for the best seo are following:

Direct SEO tools:

  • Catalogues
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Purchase of temporary links
  • Purchase of perpetual links
  • Article marketing
  • Video-promotion
  • Work with reviews and search engine reputation management (SERM)in the Internet
  • Promotion in social networks (SMM) and so on.

Indirect SEO tools:

  • External advertising on the radio or TV
  • Contextual, banner and teaser advertising
  • Participation in thematic exhibitions
  • Participating as a general, informational sponsor for the purpose of placement reference that will lead visitor to your website
  • Writing a book, maintenance of the newsletter and many other.

It is clear that the arsenal of battle gear is big enough. Even those methods, that allegedly have nothing to do, somehow or other influence the construction of the company's information profile in the Internet. Aggregate of SEO methods that you can be offered by seo company for creation google search optimization or other kind of SEO to your website is the decisive factor. This factor should be remembered by everybody, fro optimizers, who implement the direct SEO service to personal and client of the company, that can influence the informational politics of the company. This influence can be both in terms of placing links, and transferring information from one virtual Internet user to another.

Web promotion company

Final result of SEO

The final and the most important result of SEO is to conquer the TOP places in search results by dint of hard work, talent and money investments. After this you should undertake the number of activities, that allow holding and fastening TOP positions for as long as possible. After creation a SEO website support of results and holding positions in the conquered places occurs. Thus the final google SEO result is not only placing your website, large number of visitors and excellent visibility on the Internet. All these points come as the reward and bonus to work done. The major goal of google search optimization is leadership of seo website in key topics. Not only positions, but also demand and recognition of the project are the strategic aim of each seo google company and not only. Leadership in branch will allow your project to work for itself and in its own name. Conclusion is one-to make maximum efforts that the site began to promote and pay off itself without any external activities of its owner. This is the most large-scale goal of dynamic, modern and high-speed SEO industry.

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