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FaceBook Promotion

Website promotion in the FaceBook social network is:

  • Creating, filling and maintaining the page in the FaceBook network
  • Selection of the audience which is appropriate to your field of goods or services
  • Starting and setting the advertisement campaign in the FaceBook network
  • Each visitor involvement costs 2-3 times cheaper than in the Google contextual advertising
  • Landing creation which increases sales in several times (if necessary)

Before starting the advertising campaign it is necessary to spend 1-2 weeks for the creation and qualitative filling of your page in the FaceBook network.

Cost of website promotion in the FaceBook network:

  • Creating, filling and maintaining the page in the FaceBook network – 1000UAH/month
  • Starting, setting and maintaining the advertisement campaign – 1000UAH/month
  • Budget for the replenishment of the FaceBook advertising account – 4000UAH/month

Examples of our clients’ groups:

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Advertising on Facebook

How to make cheap and effective advertising on Facebook? Cheat sheet SMM. In this article we will talk about something that one people like, others hate, and the rest part does not know what to do about it. About advertising on Facebook.

What can you say about advertising in the Facebook news feed? It deserves the attention of marketers, at least because of the size and location of the ad: the ad unit occupies almost the entire screen when viewed on the desktop and the entire screen when viewed on a tablet. However, users do not notice even such huge ads as often as advertisers would like.

Each Facebook user seeks to increase the number of views of his page or individual ads on Facebook. The insidious creator of this network made a great effort to make it impossible to carry out without participation of the financial side of the issue. But at the same time, this feature allows you to set up Facebook promotion of your advertisements, focused exclusively on potential customers. This at times increases its effectiveness and justifies the cost. One of the most popular questions is “How much money should I pay for advertising on Facebook for a month?” In fact, this question doesn’t have a certain answer because in this case the rule “the more I pay for advertising, the better results I will get” doesn’t work. Your success directly depends on the correct approach and chosen strategy. Nowadays there are many different methods of effective and quality application of Facebook advertising but not everyone knows about three of them, which will be discussed below. Therefore, if you still do not see the results from investing in Zuckerberg's pocket, take a closer look at these tips.

Facebook advertising

3 effective tactics of Facebook-advertising, about which you did not know.

  1. You probably know how to chase the customer around the Internet, if he has visited your site at least once and clicked something. The banner will pursue him everywhere. Facebook ads allow you to make remarketing more elegant, thus less annoying the potential buyer. First you need to install a pixel on your Facebook site. There's nothing to worry about, the procedure is very simple and is described in details in the Facebook help center. Pixel – is a piece of code that is embedded in your site and monitors its visits. Later, when you create a campaign, you can target it strictly to site visitors. "But why Facebook?" – you will ask. "After all, we already have remarketing, why should we have a pixel?" In such case just look at the numbers:
  • CTR on Facebook is 21 times higher than for regular remarketing on the web;
  • CPC is 79% lower;
  • The price per action is 63% lower.

Is it convincing enough?

  1. Custom audiences. Facebook allows you to adjust the audience to the extent to which you will show Facebook adds - hobbies, behavior, interests and a bunch of everything else. But if you're a beginner, start with this: you probably have an email client base and you often “bomb” it with mailing lists. What percentage of the opening was last time? Five? Ten? Fifty? It turns out that most of the recipients of your mailings are not even aware of the fact that you are sending them. And many emails automatically go into spam. Facebook allows you to raise awareness of your new products at times. To do this, you just need to download your account base to Facebook when you set up a custom audience. Facebook will analyze the list and automatically associate its users with their addresses. Done! Start advertising with Facebook as if you are doing the newsletter. Be sure - customers will see your offer. Will they click or not - this is another question, everything directly depends on its attractiveness.


  1. Dark Posts. Behind the mystical name a simple functional lies. Dark post is a publication that spins like advertising, but does not appear on your brand page. Simply put, it's an unpublished post, which can be seen only by the audience on which you have set up a paid Facebook targeted ads. The most important application of this technique is that you can create several identical posts and show them to different people (custom audiences). This is a great way to reach out many people with specific interests, as well as finding your real audience.

The main thing in Facebook paid advertising and in general Facebook advertisement is your perseverance and tests-tests-tests! Providing correctly designed and customized advertise on Facebook, you get a qualitative and quantitative increase of your client base. And as a result - increased sales. Try, test and you will become friends with this advertisement and will enjoy the results achieved. All these and many other tricks help our team to make projects at a high level and set up high-quality Facebook ad. If you do not know where to start, we are happy to help you and are ready for new challenges. Order Facebook sponsored ads and many other services in our company and you will be fully satisfied with the results!

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