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Turnkey PBN – Trust satellite sites in the target segment.




(minimum order 10 PBN)


PBN mesh: why you need it

Link Building

Growth of high-quality link mass
and link management.

Traffic Growth

Traffic growth and lead generation to the main site.


Creating a satellite grid allows you to resist search updates or filters on the money site.

Comprehensive Testing

PBN-grid makes it possible to test new services and SEO-promotion tools first on satellites without affecting the live site.

Site Characteristics

Choosing a Domain for a Niche

Basic parameters:
West: UR от 5, Ref. Domains от 30. СНГ: DR от 5. Ref. Domains от 20.


Selection and uniqueness of a template for the subject of the resource.

OnPage SEO

SEO optimization — Title, Description, H1..H4, list, table, alt. Installing plugins for auto-updating content on sites.

 Web Archive

If there is unique thematic content, it is restored from the web archive.


Creation of unique and readable content: filling from 20 to 30 pages with it.

WHOIS Protection

Hiding information about the owner of a domain name in order to protect data on the site.

Server (VPS)

Server for 30 days.


A briefing on link placement and further advice on keeping the PBN running.


Blocking access to the site for competitors and web analytics services Ahrefs, Majestic, Sermrush, Serpstat, etc.

How We Working

PBN Sites GridSelection of drops on the target topic

A correctly selected domain is the key to high-quality PBN-mesh performance. The basic stage of work is a comprehensive analysis of the drop. Domains are selected based on the target topic. As a rule, these are the resources of blogs, commercial sites, the subject of which correlates with the project industry.

Domains are selected with maximum rates, minimum DR — 5, UR — 8, Ref. Domains — 10 – for Western resources.

For projects focused on the CIS: domain search is based on the parameters of the quantity, quality and thematicity of backlinks. The basic benchmark is the DR parameter of 10, the presence of 20 referring domains and anchors on the target topic.

The selected domains undergo spam and thematic verification in Ahrefs, Semrush services. The possible presence of Chinese characters is also checked. The specialist analyzes the history of site activity for the use of doorways and the presence of suspicious activity.

Order the creation of PBN sitesSite recovery

Resources are restored on CMS: WordPress. Technicians use different versions of the CMS and random templates that are focused on the target topic.

For further indexing, the analysis of links on the domain is performed. This makes it possible to restore the thematic sections of the resource. Thus, there is no need to include a large number of redirects to the main website. If the domain parameters are sag, the programmer pumps the links.

PBN website gridContent preparation

Each site is unique content. Based on 10-20 main queries, a semantic core is assembled, which, in turn, will form the basis of TK for meta tags and preparation of publications on target topics.

Each newly created satellite site will contain 20-30 pages with targeted content. In addition, blog entries are added. The approximate volume of publications is from 3 to 10 thousand characters.

The created pages “About the project”, “Contacts”, “Home”, etc. are oriented towards a “live” visitor.

PBN sites order turnkeyCompliance with safety standards

In order to ensure maximum security, special plugins are integrated and configured into the grid. They block possible attempts to hack and brute force resources.

Satellite sites are closed from leading web analytics services: Ahrefs, Majestic, Serpstat, Sermrus, Moz, etc. Thus, the entire grid and links leading from it are not visible to competitors.

PBN website grid in KievTransfer of ready access and recommendations for further work

The final stage of work on the project is the consolidation of all the initial data on the grid and their transfer to the client in the Excel-table format. The client receives data such as:

  1. E-mail addresses that are used when registering hosting and domains (as well as login, password, backup number for authorization);
  2. Domain registrar login and password;
  3. Hosting login and password;
  4. Authorization data in the admin panel.

After submitting the finished project, our team provides recommendations on how to add links, form content, and, in general, develop the satellite grid.

Why is PBN Useful?

Safety of Links

Outreach, guest posts and other “permanent” links can be removed at any time. From their PBN sites, no.

Grid Development

Creation and modification of the content of PBN sites, interlinking among themselves, pumping links, etc.


The cost of a link from your PBN network is 10 times cheaper than third-party purchases.


The PBN Sites will not contain hidden links to competitors’ sites and other third party resources.

Рассчитать стоимость
от 8000 грн. (без предоплаты)